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Why Leading Agencies Choose RecruitBot

Recruiters, managers, and organizations around the world use our online recruitment software to find and engage high-quality candidates in record time. Learn how they’re sourcing smarter from RecruitBot’s massive database, their own ATS, and beyond – with help from automated tools, machine learning, and AI.

A Recruiting Agency’s Best Kept Secret

Enhance your current process without disruption. RecruitBot can integrate with your tools and tech stack in less than 15 minutes.

Blueprint achieves speed, agility, and quality while eliminating cumbersome tasks with RecruitBot.

RocketPower uses RecruitBot to discover outside-the-box candidates with soft skills and attributes that other tools miss.

In the competitive world of Executive Search, DMC uses RecruitBot to radically reduce time-to-hire.

With a recruiting team of just one, Novi uses RecruitBot to source talent and craft candidate-focused outreach campaigns.

After striking out with other tools, heard back from candidates during the first few days of their free RecruitBot trial.

Hear From Our Customers

Matthew Caldwell, CEO

“Because of the way RecruitBot thinks about matching and calibration, it helps us find people who are more likely to want.”

Chuck Brotman, Founder

“RecruitBot was a game changer for us. We were immediately able to engage more clients with way less time.”

Durga Pandey, CEO

“We were seeing a lack of quality candidates. I knew that outbound was the answer, but we did outbound with LinkedIn and it was very slow and tedious.”

Meredith Herberg, Head of People and Culture

“I like that the AI is baked in. The search function gives me better results than LinkedIn, and it integrates with Lever so I don’t have to do any extra steps to add a candidate to our ATS.”

Nicholas Kakaris, Independent Recruiter

“I’m able to provide a better candidate experience with more touchpoints. Drip campaign response rates are better with RecruitBot, and there’s no need to set a reminder to do manual sends.

Find Out How RecruitBot Will Revolutionize The Way You Do Recruiting

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