FAQs About AI Recruiting Software

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These FAQs are intended for those who are new(er) here— if you are a current customer, please refer to our Help Center for our knowledge base and support.

What is RecruitBot and how does it work?

RecruitBot is a recruiting platform designed to make sure you hire top-quality talent faster than ever.

It saves time by using machine learning to understand what your ideal candidates look like, and it maximizes response rates by sending automated drip campaigns directly from a work email to a candidate’s personal inbox.

This unique combination of machine learning and big data leads to an innovative recruiting tool that any company (or individual) can use to improve their hiring efforts.

Will RecruitBot fit with my current workflow? How will RecruitBot integrate with our ATS?

RecruitBot isn’t just another app—

it’s a top-of-funnel solution designed to fit your current workflow that allows for a more efficient hiring process from the very first step.

We partner with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Greenhouse.io, Lever, and more for an automated two-way sync across platforms.  

        • Export candidates from RecruitBot to your ATS to maneuver candidates down your pipeline
        • Avoid redundancies by identifying candidates you’ve already reached out to outside of RecruitBot
        • Datamine your ATS to see if there are any candidates there who might be a good fit

Where do the candidates come from?

We scan the open web and partner with data providers, job boards, and ATS companies to find all publicly available information on a candidate.

RecruitBot then stitches this info into a single, holistic candidate profile. 

Not only is this profile more succinct than a resume, it also has more relevant information quickly available so that you (and your team) can have confidence in your hiring decisions (and make those hires in record time).

Will RecruitBot empower my team(s) to collaborate?

RecruitBot was designed to help teams work together and better collaborate throughout the hiring process.

  • Users can work together to iterate on search parameters to discover new candidates; 
  • Hiring managers can quickly and easily evaluate candidates put in front of them by their recruiters to offer instant feedback to help  recruiters get a better sense for what the ideal candidate looks like;
  • Recruiters can send emails on behalf of hiring managers to leverage their exciting personal brands to increase engagement. RecruitBot users see an average open rate of >70% in outreach drip campaigns. If not, we– the humans behind RecruitBot –will work with you to increase the success of your outreach.
  • Users can view company-wide outreach analytics to determine best subject lines, messaging, and adjust drip campaign content as needed.

Why is RecruitBot exciting? What about it should delight people like me?

Because RecruitBot offers you solutions and perks you can’t get anywhere else, including but not limited to:

  • You can search (aggregated data no less), rate, and reach out in one smooth process, all within the same platform.
  • The ability to collaborate and get the entire team involved in recruiting (especially getting the hiring manager more involved in the hiring process)
  • Machine learning means less grunt work— no need for extra complicated boolean strings or hundreds of slight changes to your searches, our ML will find the best candidates for you
  • Because it is a top-of-funnel fix, there will be no need to deal with a wild array of tools, apps, or anything like that. 
  • Recruiters will make unbiased decisions for more inclusive hires from qualified candidates from various backgrounds.

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