DMC Search – Reducing Time to Hire for Executive Roles with RecruitBot

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Jeremy Schiff, PhD
August 16, 2023

Executive role filled in just 35 days

‍In the competitive world of talent acquisition, agencies are constantly searching for innovative solutions to streamline their recruiting processes and engage with top-tier candidates effectively. Kareem Issa, founder and managing partner at DMC Search, achieved remarkable results by leveraging RecruitBot, an AI recruiting platform. 

The Need for an Effective Recruiting Tool

Prior to founding DMC Search Kareem Issa had a track record as the head of talent and people operations at leading companies in the San Francisco Bay Area including Earnin and Malwarebytes. However, he faced numerous challenges when it came to engaging candidates and standing out in the competitive talent market. Kareem needed a solution that would enable his recruiters to build better relationships with executive candidates and to differentiate themselves from other executive search firms.

Discovering RecruitBot

When Kareem first encountered RecruitBot, he was skeptical given the abundance of recruiting tools in the market. However, what set RecruitBot apart was its ability to facilitate communication between recruiters and candidates. With RecruitBot, the team could send personalized emails to candidates, resulting in a higher engagement rate compared to traditional LinkedIn outreach. Additionally, the platform offered automated campaign features, making it easier for recruiters to connect with candidates and nurture relationships with drip email sequences.

Enhancing Candidate Engagement

By utilizing RecruitBot the DMC Search team was able to engage candidates outside of LinkedIn. The platform’s campaign feature allowed recruiters to set up a series of automated email sequences, ensuring consistent and personalized communication with candidates. This approach significantly increased the response rate, enabling recruiters at DMC Search to build stronger connections with potential hires. Furthermore, the ability to send emails on behalf of hiring managers added credibility and increased the chances of a positive response from candidates.

The team could even incorporate elements like speaker series or open house invitations to entice candidates to learn more about the client company and ultimately increase their level of engagement.

Saving Time and Building Stronger Relationships

One of the key advantages of RecruitBot for DMC Search was the time-saving aspect of the platform. The ability to set up email campaigns and let them run automatically saved recruiters valuable time, allowing them to focus on other crucial tasks, such as business development and building client relationships. 

A Cost-Effective Solution

But the benefits were not limited to increased candidate engagement and time savings. Unlike other recruitment platforms that required significant financial investments, RecruitBot offered a cost-effective solution that didn’t compromise on effectiveness. The platform allowed DMC Search Recruiters to experiment with different candidate outreach strategies and messaging without breaking the bank.

Finding a COO for AlgoPix in 35 days

RecruitBot rose to the occasion when the DMC Search team was tasked with filling a chief operating officer position for AlgoPix, a growth-stage startup. Using RecruitBot, DMC Search sent out targeted messages to 50 potential candidates, resulting in 16 qualified and interested respondents. After narrowing down the pool to five candidates, DMC successfully filled the role within a remarkable 35-day timeframe. 

RecruitBot for Executive Search 

While the AI-based calibration tools in RecruitBot can be valuable for recruiters who need to clarify hiring manager requirements, Kareem emphasized that for executive search,  he found RecruitBot’s communication and engagement capabilities especially valuable. The ability to email candidates, set up automated campaigns, and enable recruiters to send emails on behalf of hiring managers were the critical functionalities that made a significant impact on DMC Search’s success.

Key Considerations for AI Recruiting Platforms

When evaluating AI recruiting platforms, Kareem highlighted several key considerations. 

  1. Having an easy-to-use interface is crucial for adoption and user satisfaction. 
  2. The platform should provide up-to-date and comprehensive candidate profiles to ensure recruiters have access to the most relevant information. 
  3. The platform must enable recruiters to reach out on behalf of the agency leader with customized bulk communications. 

By addressing these considerations, AI recruiting platforms can enhance the overall recruiting experience and deliver exceptional results.


By leveraging RecruitBot, DMC Search was able to engage candidates more effectively, save time, and hire fast for complex, executive-level roles. The platform’s automated email campaigns and personalized messaging capabilities proved invaluable in attracting top-tier talent. As the recruitment landscape continues to evolve, AI-powered tools like RecruitBot will undoubtedly play a vital role in optimizing the recruiting process and securing the best candidates for the right roles.


“My job is to go out and get clients. My team does all the outreach through RecruitBot, on my behalf. From day 1 to 35 days out we made a fill, and that’s unheard of. If you play around with RecruitBot, you’ll have a lot of success” – Kareem Issa, Founder and Managing Partner, DMC Search

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