For In-House Sourcers and Recruiters

RecruitBot Transforms The Entire Recruiting Experience

Fill Your Pipeline With Stellar Talent

RecruitBot helps busy in-house sourcers and recruiters find and engage candidates more quickly and efficiently, freeing up time to have more meaningful conversations and get the ideal fit for every position.

Its Easy To Get Started

Enhance your current process without disruption. RecruitBot can integrate with your tools and tech stack in less than 15 minutes.

Find Better Candidates, Fast

Search across RecruitBot’s global database of 700+ million candidates, fine-tune your results by applying 25+ attributes, and move from search to hire 5x faster with the power of machine learning.

Stay In Sync With Everyone

Screen candidates collaboratively and get instant feedback from hiring managers so you can spend more time seeking out the right talent – and less time sending around spreadsheets of LinkedIn links or holding endless internal meetings.

Engage, Connect, And Measure Better

Auto-personalize drip campaigns and emails to tell your company’s unique story, easily message candidates on anyone’s behalf to boost response rates, and generate reports on how you and your team are adding value to your organization.

Nirit Rubenstein, CEO, Financial Services

“Best recruiting tool out there. Found my best people through RecruitBot. It allows you to reach people who aren’t necessarily looking so you can get excellent candidates who aren’t being inundated with offers.”

Find Out How RecruitBot Will Revolutionize The Way You Do Recruiting

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