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Reach job seekers with automated tools – quickly, efficiently, and all in one place. RecruitBot understands your hiring preferences by using machine learning to find the hidden patterns in what you’re looking for. It empowers you to intelligently source from a database of 700+ million global candidates while also allowing you to search candidates in your ATS, updated with the most recent information about each candidate. Ready to get started with RecruitBot? Schedule a demo to see how RecruitBot’s machine learning makes our platform 5x faster than those other tools.


Entry level recruiting tool for individual recruiters & hiring managers

Engage 40 candidates per month

$75 / user / month

Search By 25+ Attributes

Individual Outreach

Up To 3 messages per Drip Campaign

Outreach Analytics


Full feature platform for founders, recruiting teams, and staffing agencies

Engage 1000 candidates per month


Search By 25 Attributes & Power Filters including DEI

Individual & Bulk Outreach

Up To 15 messages Per Drip Or Nurture Campaign

Outreach & Team Activity Analytics

Search attributesTarget your perfect candidate based on a variety of skills and traits
Search by 25+ attributes
Search by 25+ attributes & power filters including DEI
Expanded search resultsAutomatically expand your search criteria to find similar terms
Intuitive 5-star reviewing systemRapidly shortlist candidate, and make sure your team doesn’t re-review irrelevant candidates
Have machine learning suggest candidates curated for your roles based on your preferencesRecruitBot’s machine learning will triage and sort your search results, saving you hours of sorting through resumes
Up to 1,000 results per search
Up to 10,000 results per search
Optimized outreach
Reach out to candidates individually
Individual & bulk outreach
Email drip campaignsPersonalize your outreach with pre-built templates and audience segmentation
Up to 3 emails per campaign
Up to 15 emails per campaign
Email cadences
Engage immediately: At most 7 days between emails
Engage immediately, no limit on nurture campaigns
Pre-built email drip campaigns
Specialized for specific domains
Send drip campaigns on behalf of teammatesIncrease response rates by reaching out to candidates from the ideal person in your company
Two-way email syncSave time with email communication features designed to seamlessly integrate with Gmail our Outlook
Conversion funnel analyticsUnderstand how effective your outreach is and optimize accordingly with A/B testing
Outreach pipeline managementMake sure you always stay on top of candidates who have responded, and triage them quickly with templated responses
Collaborative search, ratings & notesProject manage your hiring process across departments to increase internal communication and improve candidate experience
Team activity analyticsGet a holistic view of your team’s performance to identify efficiencies
Bulk CSV import / exportSave yourself time with features designed to quickly import and export data
ATS integrationRecruitBot can be a stand-alone solution or seamlessly integrate into your current tech stack
Compliance (IT Audit, SOC2, etc)Is security top of mind? Access our security documentation
Single sign-onSave yourself and your organization time and money from automation, integration, and password resets
Customer Service
9-5 PST support via email and chat
Onboarding & training
Up to 1 hour complimentary

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