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RecruitBot Uses Machine Learning To Understand Your Hiring Preferences

Build Your Dream Team, Yesterday

RecruitBot helps hiring managers work more effectively with recruiting professionals so they can spend more time interviewing – and less time reviewing irrelevant resumes.

Its Easy To Get Started

Enhance your current process without disruption. RecruitBot can integrate with your tools and tech stack in less than 15 minutes.

Multiply Your Impact

Interview fewer candidates per hire. You only need to interview 50% of candidates to make a hire, because of the improved quality.

Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

Get better matches with help from RecruitBot’s machine learning, so you can spend less time and energy on prospective hires who don’t meet your needs.

Make Your Preferences Known

Collaborate with recruiters quickly, easily, and asynchronously so you can share your hiring goals while skipping all the unnecessary meetings and busywork.

Nirit Rubenstein, CEO, Financial Services

“Best recruiting tool out there. Found my best people through RecruitBot. It allows you to reach people who aren’t necessarily looking so you can get excellent candidates who aren’t being inundated with offers.”

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