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RecruitBot Transforms The Entire Recruiting Experience

Scale Faster With All-Star Talent

RecruitBot gives founders the tools they need to hire beyond their personal networks and build cohesive, diverse, high-performing teams quickly and efficiently.

Its Easy To Get Started

Enhance your current process without disruption. RecruitBot can integrate with your tools and tech stack in less than 15 minutes.

Fuel Your Startup With All The Right People

Access RecruitBot’s global database of 700+ million candidates to infuse your company with talented pros who can bring your vision to life.

Grow Your Team At Lightning Speed

Get from search to hire 5x faster with RecruitBot’s machine learning algorithms, ensuring that talent gaps don’t delay your next killer feature.

Spark Meaningful Conversations

Use bulk outreach to focus on the most promising candidates from the very beginning, go straight to their personal inboxes, and keep them engaged with customizable drip campaigns and automated follow-ups.

Ashley S., CEO & Founder, Computer Software

“RecruitBot is the reason I now have a founding team. I’ve recommended this to every founder I know, and they all love it too.”

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