RecruitBot Works With Bullhorn

Connect RecruitBot to Bullhorn Recruitment Software 

RecruitBot helps you find the right candidates five times faster with the power of AI and Machine Learning.

Now, extend the power of RecruitBot by connecting your Bullhorn ATS with our industry-leading integration.

Never Lose a Resume

With our Bullhorn integration it’s easy to export resumes into Bullhorn. Do this manually, or set trigger-based rules for exports such as candidate engagement

Datamine Bullhorn For Candidates

RecruitBot syncs candidate profiles data with Bullhorn. Search up to date candidate information while accessing past candidate notes

Send Bulk Emails

With RecruitBot it’s easy to send personalized bulk emails to new candidates, filtering candidates already in Bullhorn. Take it further by adding Bullhorn candidates to recipient lists for nurture campaigns.

End-to-End Analytics

Once candidates are identified and engaged via RecruitBot, they move through stages in Bullhorn. Get the whole picture of where candidates are in the process with integrated conversion funnel reports.

Nirit Rubenstein, CEO, Financial Services

“Best recruiting tool out there. Found my best people through RecruitBot. It allows you to reach people who aren’t necessarily looking so you can get excellent candidates who aren’t being inundated with offers.”

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