Transforming Recruitment with RecruitBot: A Conversation with Mathew Caldwell

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Jeremy Schiff, PhD
August 14, 2023

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Key metrics 

Mathew oversaw a team of over 300 recruiters, sources, and coordinators spanning 60 distinct projects. Each project had its unique setup, even if they used similar  tools such as Greenhouse. This diversity in tools and configurations made it incredibly challenging to maintain a clear and consistent view across all projects. RecruitBot was able to support very different use cases, while also providing insights and reporting across all RocketPower platforms and custom configurations.

Introduction: Meet RecruitBot

RecruitBot is an innovative, AI-powered platform designed to streamline the recruitment process and help recruiting agencies find the right candidates efficiently. With its cutting-edge features and user-friendly interface, RecruitBot has quickly gained popularity among recruiters and hiring managers.

To understand the true power of RecruitBot, let’s take a look at the experience of Mathew Caldwell, a seasoned professional with a background in recruiting and people management, who founded RocketPower with a mission to help early-stage venture-backed companies thrive by connecting them with top-tier talent. RocketPower’s journey began with a focus on aiding startups and rapidly growing enterprises with their hiring needs, particularly through the embedded Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model.

The collaboration between RecruitBot and RocketPower was driven by a shared goal: to enhance recruitment processes, elevate candidate quality, and increase efficiency. Here’s how RocketPower’s journey intersected with the features and benefits of RecruitBot.

RocketPower faces challenges with traditional recruiting platforms and reporting 

At its peak, RocketPower had 300 recruiters handling 60 distinct projects. Each required different recruiting tools. While they used platforms like LinkedIn, the results were inconsistent. Moreover, the varied projects made reporting complex. Intrigued by RecruitBot’s visionary approach to recruitment, Caldwell and his team began integrating the platform in 2019. Mathew muses on his introduction to the tool, stating, “We all know that automation is coming… when you talk about scaling rapidly. Getting it done fast. You have to have the right data behind it.”

The Advantages of RecruitBot

What made RecruitBot stand out was its unique offering to the RocketPower team:

Diverse Candidate Outreach

Where other tools plateaued, RecruitBot soared. It was effective in sourcing varied, quality candidates across roles. Caldwell notes, “What we liked about RecruitBot is we would get a different subset of candidates right at the top and they were always quality…we could find quality people that we weren’t finding with those other tools.”

Streamlined Reporting

For a data-driven company like RocketPower, RecruitBot’s reporting capabilities were a match made in heaven. The platform’s integration capabilities meant that RocketPower could sync its in-house tools effortlessly. Through a close partnership, RecruitBot was able to build custom dashboards (which are now available to all RecruitBot customers), for the RocketPower team, giving the executive team all the data they needed to monitor and innovate their internal recruiting processes. 

Optimized Recruitment Funnel

RecruitBot didn’t just identify candidates, it sped up the ‘grey time’. Caldwell explains, “In recruiting, we call it grey time… RecruitBot makes that very efficient and compresses that time frame. That time frame can be compressed with good technology and I feel like RecruitBot does that.” 

The RocketPower team found immense value in RecruitBot’s candidate-matching technology. They were able to swiftly target and kickstart campaigns to potential recruits. The quality, as Caldwell mentions, was always top-notch. He adds, “The quality of the candidates we would get through RecruitBot was higher. And so it required less work for a recruiter or sourcer to be able to do their job to get to that outcome that you want, which is a hire.”

Time and Efficiency Gains

RocketPower’s unique position as a recruitment partner for diverse startups and enterprises necessitated customized solutions. RecruitBot’s flexibility and willingness to collaborate allowed RocketPower to create tailored dashboards and integrations that aligned with their specific needs, providing a cohesive and efficient recruitment workflow. RecruitBot’s efficacy meant recruiters juggled multiple roles at once, negating the need for more hands on deck. This translated to substantial budget savings. 

Combining RecruitBot with Recruiting best practices

RecruitBot is more than just a recruitment tool; it’s a game-changer. Caldwell suggests, “If you’ve got a team and they’re cranking along, now’s the time to look at tools like RecruitBot. Anybody that’s hiring at volume and anybody that’s really concerned about data… RecruitBot will be good for that.”

Conclusion: Unlocking Success with RecruitBot

In the rapidly changing world of recruitment, innovation is key. The partnership between RocketPower and RecruitBot showcases the success of RocketPower’s collaboration with RecruitBot and emphasizes the power of AI-driven technology in streamlining recruitment processes, improving candidate quality, and boosting team efficiency. As organizations strive to attract top talent and stay ahead in the competitive recruitment space, tools like RecruitBot provide a clear path toward success.

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