Quote-to-revenue solution Subskribe boosts outreach response rates and improves job candidate quality with RecruitBot

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Jeremy Schiff, PhD
July 21, 2023

When CEO Durga Pandey and his co-founders launched Subskribe in 2020, they shared a vision for a unified quote-to-revenue platform that unlocks seamless growth for sales, finance, and operations teams. They wanted SaaS businesses to reap the benefits of powerful software without any of the baggage that can accompany it, like complex workarounds, extensive training, and expensive consultants.

But even as Durga and his team pursued their goal of making Subskribe’s solutions painless and delightful, the new company’s sourcing and recruiting process was anything but. At first, they leveraged their own personal and professional networks as much as possible, but those pools dried up fast. Next they turned to Indeed, which quickly filled the Subskribe pipeline with 500 candidates who made it to the screening stage. Only one of those individuals was suitable for hire, however, and their tenure at Subskribe was short-lived.

“There was a quality problem,” explains Durga, who had the unfortunate task of conducting all those fruitless interviews.

Durga knew he had to lean more heavily into outbound recruiting methods, though he wasn’t quite sure how to do it in a scalable, efficient way. He started reaching out to promising candidates via LinkedIn, but he found the process “slow and tedious,” he recalls. So he made the decision to start paying for LinkedIn Recruiter, despite its hefty price tag and the lack of a free trial option that could let him see the product in action.

“They said I’d have to buy it first,” he says. But just days before his LinkedIn Recruiter subscription became active, Durga heard from an acquaintance about an unfamiliar recruiting tool called RecruitBot. He got in touch with the RecruitBot team to learn more about their machine learning platform and, to his surprise, they immediately offered him a free trial. And that’s what got Durga hooked.

“This was on a Friday,” he remembers. “I sent about 50 emails over that weekend. By Monday, I was already receiving responses from quality candidates. That finally gave me some dopamine, because I’d been doing outbound recruiting for a long time without getting any responses.”

With plans to join LinkedIn Recruiter now on the backburner, Durga began experimenting with RecruitBot’s many features. He liked the precise search filters enabled by AI, which enabled him to quickly identify thousands of highly relevant candidates for specific roles. He liked RecruitBot’s email templates, which served as a jumping-off point for crafting the compelling, persuasive messages that would land in those individuals’ inboxes. He liked the integration with Greenhouse, Subscribe’s ATS of choice. And he liked RecruitBot’s in-depth reporting capabilities, which he used to track open rates, conversion rates, and more.

Perhaps most of all, Durga loved the automated drip campaigns he could easily build and send through RecruitBot, without any of the manual busywork. He noticed that many candidates only responded after the second or third email, highlighting the value of automatic follow-up messages as a strategy.

“The idea of a drip campaign intuitively made sense to me, but then I saw the evidence that it really worked,” Durga says, noting that LinkedIn Recruiter, by contrast, did not support automated drip campaigns. “If you can reach out to the prospect easily, that in itself is very, very powerful.”

Today, Durga continues to rely on RecruitBot as his primary recruiting tool, and so do Subskribe’s hiring managers and in-house recruiter. So many people have joined the company via RecruitBot, Durga says, that he credits the machine learning platform with every employee in the Seattle office. He’s also been a vocal proponent of RecruitBot, recommending it to fellow founders who are also trying to fuel their startups with incredible talent.

“At some point, I think 20% of RecruitBot’s customers were my referrals,” he laughs.

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