Technology’s New Role in Hiring

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October 26, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition, a significant shift has taken place. Rather than recruiters sourcing talent in a silo, as in the traditional model, hiring managers are getting pulled in early. This dynamic transformation has changed how many view the hiring process, the role of talent acquisition professionals, and the tools necessary to streamline the hiring process. Let’s take a look at the reasons for the shift and how AI tools are making this possible.  

  1. Alignment with Business Unit Hiring Goals

Historically, recruiters did the bulk of the talent sourcing for companies. As a result, the recruiter was heavily involved in every step of the process, from finding candidates, to interviewing them, to even being the one who extended the offer letter. This process led to some challenges. It was difficult to bridge the gap between what the hiring manager wanted and what the recruiter was able to find. There was also a serious increase in time-to-hire, as the inclusion of a middle man slowed down the hiring process.  

Now that hiring managers are taking a more involved role, the process is more streamlined. Their direct involvement ensures a tighter alignment between recruitment efforts and the strategic goals of the business unit. Hiring managers, armed with a deep understanding of their team’s needs, can proactively seek out candidates who not only possess the right skills but also align with the organization’s culture and long-term vision.

  1. Nurturing a Collaborative Ecosystem

Involving hiring managers in the hiring process also leads to a more collaborative system. In the traditional model, recruiters have to assume what the team’s needs are, and the hiring managers simply make the final decision. In the new model, hiring managers and recruiters work collaboratively to ensure that the team’s needs are actually met. 

This collaborative model has multiple benefits. By analyzing what does and doesn’t work throughout the hiring process, the hiring manager is able to fine-tune the requirements and specifications for the role as time goes on. Additionally, instead of degrees of separation between the hiree and the future managers, those making the final decisions in the hiring process come to know the person they are hiring. This ensures that they can land the ideal hire at the end of the process. 

Technology has only made this collaboration easier. Per a 2020 study, “HR Technology 2020: Disruption Ahead,” cloud-based HCM platforms continue to grow, with new players entering the field constantly. The same study found that recruiting has become one of the biggest markets for the use of AI. This new technology and its adoption has made understanding the hiring process easier, enabling those unfamiliar with it – such as hiring managers – to collaborate with recruiters. 

  1. Faster Decision-Making and Reduced Time-to-Hire

In the traditional model, recruiters often act as intermediaries between candidates and hiring managers, leading to delays in decision-making. Per the Society for Human Resource Management, the average time to hire is a whopping 44 days, though it varies by industry. By putting hiring managers in the driver’s seat, organizations are witnessing a significant reduction in time-to-hire. Swift decision-making not only secures top-tier talent before they are snatched up by competitors, but also enhances the candidate experience, demonstrating the organization’s efficiency and respect for candidates’ time. 

Therefore, recruiting agencies should recognize this trend and start including hiring managers in the process earlier. Doing so has a multitude of benefits, most notably a decrease in time-to-hire as well as time-to-fill. Agencies need to pull in hiring managers into the process early enough to ensure a  faster outcome. As we will discuss below, RecruitBot has many ways to enable this collaboration. 

  1. The Use of AI in the Hiring Process

The greatest transformational tool for the hiring process is the leverage of artificial intelligence (AI). AI can simplify and expedite the more repetitive, time-consuming tasks from the responsibility of the recruiter, such as resume screening and initial candidate evaluation. AI-driven tools can identify top candidates based on a diverse set of criteria, from skills-based hiring to experience and to cultural fit, fostering a more inclusive and fair hiring environment. 

This is where RecruitBot comes in. With RecruitBot, we do the heavy lifting for you. You can source your candidates from anywhere: your applicant tracking software (ATS), the Internet from a chrome plugin, or our database. Using our unique algorithms and machine learning, it’s easier to define what qualities you are looking for, enabling us to help you find that perfect candidate.  

What’s even better is that we put all of your hiring processes in one place.  You don’t need to use multiple tools to find, reach out to, and interact with candidates. Examples include the collaborative ratings feature, which enables multiple stakeholders to assess the applicant. Recruitbot can also send nurture emails on behalf of the hiring manager, thereby automating yet another step of the process. You also don’t need to stress about providing analytics – we have those for you too. 

Ready to learn more about what we have to offer and to see our system in action? Start your free trial today and see how RecruitBot is changing the recruitment and hiring landscape. 

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