Why You Need to Speed Up Your Hiring Process, and How RecruitBot Can Help

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July 19, 2019

In the corporate world, there are few things more important to success than doing things efficiently. It isn’t just that your customers and business partners expect you to do things quickly; it’s that if you’re not doing everything you can to streamline every process, you can be certain you’ll fall behind when your competitors do.


Nowhere is this more true than in recruiting. The average time-to-fill in the U.S. is currently 43 days, so you’ll need to do better than that. Way better, in fact, because the best candidates are only on the market for about 10 days. After all, the primary reason for hiring fast is that you’ll reach out to star candidates before your competitors do, dramatically improving the likelihood of hiring those highly in-demand people and drastically improving the performance and productivity of your company as a result.


A speedy process is especially important, considering that research suggests that 57% of job seekers lose interest in a job if the hiring process is lengthy. You don’t want to lose those star candidates to your slow recruiting process any more than you want to lose them to the efforts of your competition.


Even beyond losing out on the top candidates, there are very real, very painful costs to a slow hiring process. A revenue-generating position that is kept vacant for a prolonged period of time has a cascading effect: not only is your company losing revenue from the loss of productivity, but it burns out team members that are expected to pick up the slack with overtime, and experience stress at the instability–which, of course, creates higher turnover and even more vacant positions. It can be a vicious cycle.


So how does RecruitBot help speed up your hiring process? The most obvious answer is that RecruitBot’s resume parsing will automatically rank and review thousands of resumes instantly, applying your exact preferences along the way. Your recruiting team won’t have resume fatigue from sifting through hundreds of bad resumes just to find an ideal candidate: they’ll be presented with that candidate instantly. And because RecruitBot’s process is entirely automated, it clears one of the major hurdles to a streamlined recruiting process, namely that resumes often “sit untouched for weeks or months in a hiring manager’s inbox“.


Which means that your recruiting team will be far more likely to reach out to those ideal candidates before your competitors do. Who wouldn’t want that?


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