Meet RecruitBot: the fastest way to hire the best people

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Discover Candidates You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

  • We’ve crawled the open web and partnered with different data providers to create a database of 150+ million detailed candidate profiles–job history, education, skills, and more
  • Keep your pipeline full without wasting time tweaking searches full of irrelevant candidates. Our Machine Learning finds the right people for each position
  • RecruitBot keys in on over 1000 different signals in each resume to find the right candidates for your open reqs

Engage Candidates Directly Through Personal Email

  • Forget about reaching out to people through social media. Our profiles all have personal emails, and you’ll be able to reach out in bulk to every great candidate you find–all from the same platform
  • Connect multiple email accounts so you can make sure that your agency is using the right person to reach out, and to ensure you never exceed daily sending limits
  • Set it and forget it: every email in your drip campaign will be sent automatically to make sure you’ll reach your favorite candidates at the right time

Set Yourself Up For Success

  • Once you’ve calibrated, you’ll only need to spend 15-20 minutes a day to keep your pipeline full. The rest of your day can be spent doing what recruiters do best–making connections with exciting candidates!
  • Collaborate and learn about the best ways to optimize every step of the funnel. Look at team-wide campaign engagement analytics, identify best practices from top performers, and more.
  • Our intuitive layout will help you reach out to hundreds of great candidates in minutes, for each one of your open reqs. 

Why Choose RecruitBot?

Find thousands of qualified candidates, faster than you ever thought possible. And you can message them from the same platform, all with a single click.

Find your perfect hire

Level up your recruiting with the world’s most advanced recruiting AI

The Largest Collection of Candidates in the World

Discover the right talent for your needs in our proprietary database of over 250 million people

A Better Way to Connect

Email people directly for more authentic conversations and more positive responses

Simple and Intuitive

Never run a sourcing process before? No problem, RecruitBot will be with you every step of the way

Perfect Your Process

Better Stats, More Control

Understand and resolve recruiting bottlenecks with an end-to-end view of your entire recruiting funnel

Bridge the gap between recruiters and hiring managers

A/B test messaging to put your best foot forward

Advanced stats on the efficacy of each step of the recruiting funnel