Proactively Find and Engage the Best Candidates

With Machine Learning and proven email drip campaigns, save hours of searching and thousands of dollars per user by switching to RecruitBot.


Stop wasting time scrolling through endless LinkedIn profiles.

If you’re unable to spot great candidates on LinkedIn, search RecruitBot’s 600M+ database using keywords, boolean searches, powerful filters (including DE&I) and get AI-based recommendations for unique candidates often not suggested by LinkedIn.

From Our Customers

“What we liked about RecruitBot is we would get a different subset of candidates right at the top and they were always quality…we could find quality people that we weren’t finding with those other tools. The quality of the candidates we would get through RecruitBot was higher. And so it required less work for a recruiter or sourcer to be able to do their job to get to that outcome that you want, which is a hire.”

Mathew Caldwell, CEO & Founder, (RPO)

Compare RecruitBot vs. LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter
Find Relevant CandidatesTarget your perfect candidate based on a variety of skills and traits
Keep trying different search terms only to find the same candidates that everyone else is seeing
5X more relevant candidates using machine learning, personalized to your specific position
Collaborative SourcingAutomatically expand your search criteria to find similar terms
Find DEI CandidatesRapidly shortlist candidate, and make sure your team doesn’t re-review irrelevant candidates
Hours of searching due to no DEI search filters
Power Search Filters including DEI
Access Social Profiles for candidatesRecruitBot’s machine learning will triage and sort your search results, saving you hours of sorting through resumes

LinkedIn Only
Initial Contact of Candidates
InMail only
Use Personal Email Address and Phone, where candidates are checking daily
Continual Engagement of CandidatesPersonalize your outreach with pre-built templates and audience segmentation

One InMail Only
Automatically follow up with candidates with personalized email drip campaigns
Candidate Targeting
Reach out to the same group of “great” candidates for everyone
Machine Learning that targets the best candidates for each specific role
Outreach Limits
150 InMails / month
1000 emails / month
Bulk OutreachIncrease response rates by reaching out to candidates from the ideal person in your company
Time it Takes to Engage 100 CandidatesSave time with email communication features designed to seamlessly integrate with Gmail our Outlook
1-2 days
Less than 15 minutes
Send Emails on Behalf of Another PersonUnderstand how effective your outreach is and optimize accordingly with A/B testing
Cost EfficiencyMake sure you always stay on top of candidates who have responded, and triage them quickly with templated responses
Full Pipeline AnalyticsProject manage your hiring process across departments to increase internal communication and improve candidate experience
Customer Service SupportGet a holistic view of your team’s performance to identify efficiencies
White Glove Service including best practices for searching and email outreach

Why Switch to RecruitBot?

Swift Candidate Matching

Search a database of 600 million candidates and find relevant candidates with Machine Learning in minutes, not days.

Diverse Email Engagement

Engage candidates with multi-touch email drip campaigns versus a single InMail resulting in higher open and response rates.

Enhanced Recruitment Insights

Optimize your entire recruiting strategy with full pipeline analytics and hands-on customer support.

Hear From Our Customers

Matthew Caldwell, CEO

“RecruitBot allows RocketPower to reach a wider audience efficiently and more effectively than any other platform we have used. It’s so effective, RecruitBot is the primary platform we give to all new recruiters.”

Chuck Brotman, Founder

“RecruitBot was a game changer for us. We were immediately able to engage more clients with way less time.”

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