Platform Engineer

Someone to supplement our awesome engineering team

About Us

At RecruitBot, we want every person to find the right job, and every company to find the right person. And we want it to be as simple as possible. To do that, we’ve built a team full of exceptionally smart, energetic, and motivated folks who have come together around that shared vision.

We’re an engineering company at heart. We use machine learning, optimization, and automation technologies to make sure our products help our clients source, review, and engage candidates faster than their competition can. Of course, none of that would be possible without having the right team in place to bring those lofty goals to reality.

A number of top tier investors have already invested in RecruitBot, and our customers include some large brands you already know. And when we tell people about what we do, the most common response is “Wow!”, followed by “Why hasn’t anyone built something like that before?”

We don’t really know. But we do know that we’re having a fun time building it now.


Exciting and Challenging Problems

We are a deep technology company working with true Machine Learning (not merely the over-used “AI”), Data Pipelines, Terabytes of Data, and Vertical Search Engine technology.  These technologies are core to what we do and are essential to our growth. It’s not expected, or even likely that any single team member would have expertise across all of these areas, but we will empower you to rapidly grow in the areas of your interest.

Current problems include:

  • Maintaining and extending our data pipelines to integrate terabytes of candidate data into our search engine, balancing speed, data use, and the right way to balance product needs with tradeoffs in the data architecture
  • Making our machine learning performant and scalable as our user base grows
  • Analyzing our logs to identify and improve specific I/O and CPU bottlenecks, and finding the most effective ways to scale
  • Building out & improving our integration testing to test the complicated multi-service multi-datasource requests.

We’re always happy to chat about what we’re working on and trade ideas.


You’re passionate about building systems to hyper-accelerate the rest of engineering.  Your role includes

  • Defining and building consensus around the DevOps roadmap
  • Configuring and helping maintain our server infrastructure including security infrastructure, web-hosting infrastructure, core AWS managed services like Elastic Search & Kafka 
  • Improve reliability leveraging CI testing infrastructure, including integration testing
  • Improve scalability and response times by improving monitoring and logging on top of AWS
  • Improve our local development infrastructure built on top of Docker

    You’ll Excel If You…

    • Love to learn, and enjoy driving consensus about system architecture across other smart engineers of diverse disciplines
    • Are motivated by moving quickly, and iterating to validate ideas
    • Have strong opinions about how to connect systems to improve iteration speed, maintainability, and scale.  
    • Are excited to dig into technologies you’re not yet familiar with, whether it’s a new CI/CD tool, deployment infrastructure, or empowering developers with libraries and frameworks to help the team move faster

    What’s It Like to Work at RecruitBot?

    Job hunting is an awful experience, and on the other side, filling an open position isn’t much better. So much wasted time and money, so many rejections, so many poor fits. We think RecruitBot can leverage the power of technology to do away with those problems, and build a better world as a result. RecruitBot makes it easy for recruiters to find, prioritize, and reach out to the people they want to hire, by making the process of finding the right talent much easier and more efficient.

    We’ve striven to build a warm, inclusive culture where everyone is free to voice their concerns, and big ideas are welcomed and heeded, regardless of their source. We want our team to understand the state of the company as well as they understand the state of the product, and to feel empowered to suggest improvements on every front. We value transparency in our meetings and in our internal communications, and expect everyone to be treated with the utmost respect.

    We work very hard to make sure things get done, but we understand that a culture of 80-hour work weeks isn’t just bad for productivity in the long run–it’s also fundamentally inhospitable. Above all, we want to hire a team that represents our values and reflects our belief that diversity in all its forms (race, gender, education, and geography) leads to a fresh approach to problem-solving and inspires innovation. If that sounds interesting, we’d love to hear from you.

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