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Overcoming challenges in the job market is crucial for agencies. RecruitBot uses AI and Machine learning to deliver a game-changing solution. Get a complete platform for automated client calibration, enhanced candidate sourcing, and streamlined communications.

Why RecruitBot?


Candidate response rates vs 2.5% for cold agency outreach


Fewer interviews needed to hire



Faster to source relevant candidates with machine learning

Streamlined Recruiting

A single end-to-end tool for effortless and cost effective recruiting.

AI-powered candidate identification

Spot the right candidates 5X faster using AI algorithms which learn in real-time from your preferences and hiring manager feedback.

Comprehensive candidate sourcing

Access a pool of talent with over 700 million verified candidate profiles. Let RecruitBot’s Machine Learning prioritize relevant candidates.

Personalized outreach

Increase candidate engagement and response rates with automated, personalized email drip campaigns.

ATS integration

Connect seamlessly to your ATS to achieve complete visibility and control over the whole recruitment process.

Rich analytics

Gain valuable insight into candidate outreach effectiveness and track team activity to refine your strategy.

Your Goals
How RecruitBot Can Help
Win new clients
Demonstrate your value and speed to fill roles with RecruitBot’s complete sourcing platform. Differentiate from agencies relying solely on LinkedIn
Fill a lot of roles fast
Give your Recruiting team super powers with a 700M+ verified contact database, easy-to-use interface, and boolean search filters
Spot great candidates for hard-to-fill positions
Go beyond keyword search. Use our Machine Learning algorithms to spot hidden, great-fit candidates
Simplify calibration to meet clients’ ever-changing expectations for target hires
Simplify calibration when you and clients jointly evaluate candidates' and RecruitBot's AI algorithms serve up better-fit candidates in real time.
Increase candidate engagement
Use personalized bulk emails and automated sequences to greatly boost candidate engagement

Not looking for a
customized experience?

You can start with limited platform access today by clicking the Free Trial button below. You can have up to 40 candidates in your campaign, including contact information.

The first seven days are on us, after that, we’ll charge a monthly fee of $75.

From our customers

“We went from calibration to offer acceptance for a COO role in 35 days with RecruitBot. That’s unheard of in our industry”

Kareem Issa

Managing Partner, DMC Search

Customers Choose RecruitBot

Enhance your current process without disruption. RecruitBot can integrate with your tools and tech stack in less than 15 minutes.

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