Find more qualified candidates, faster than you ever thought possible.

RecruitBot is a platform that helps you find top talent through artificial intelligence, automated outreach, and collaborative recruiting.

Source From a Massive Private Database

RecruitBot partners with public and private data companies to build and maintain the largest collection of global candidate profiles in the world. With 350+ million global candidates, you’ll be sure to find thousands of worthy candidates–whether you’re looking for software developers in San Francisco or payroll specialists in Mumbai.

Prioritize Thousands of Candidates Instantly

Other companies can only offer you a pile of unsorted resumes that barely correspond to some broad search criteria, and then expect you do the hard work of sorting through them all. But RecruitBot’s machine learning understands your hiring preferences, and automatically prioritizes the candidates that you’ll want to reach out to.

Intelligently Engage Candidates

RecruitBot makes it easier to reach out to the best candidates all at once with a customizable drip campaign interface. Personalize an introduction sent from your own email address, and decide what to say and when to say it. Or save some time, and choose one of our many professional templates to maximize engagement.

Get Analytics on Your Process

Learn all about the efficacy of each step of your recruiting pipeline through our end-to-end metrics. Find out how many candidates you’ve reached out to, how many have opened and responded to your messages, who you’ve interviewed, and how many were hired. Everything can be sliced by weekly metrics, by position, and by user–so you can better understand your team’s performance.

Recruiting Should Be Easy.

RecruitBot uses machine learning to understand your hiring preferences, so you can intelligently source from our exclusive database of 350+ million global candidates, as well as every resume in your ATS.

You’ll find thousands of qualified candidates, faster than you ever thought possible. And you can message them from the same platform, all with a single click.

Boost Productivity

RecruitBot will fill your open positions sooner, allow your recruiters to do actual recruiting, and make sure your entire company is staffed with better people.

Slash Response Times

Get instant evaluation of thousands of candidates, so you can reach out to the most promising before other companies can do the same.

Increase Diversity

RecruitBot will help eliminate unconscious bias in the recruiting process by ranking candidates more objectively, ignoring candidates’ personal information.

Preserve Institutional Knowledge

RecruitBot will remember everything it has learned about your company’s preferences, even if you lose a senior hiring manager or recruiter.

Improve Hiring Quality

Stop wasting time talking to candidates who don’t have the necessary qualifications. RecruitBot finds more relevant candidates faster, so you can spend more time getting to know them to ensure they’re a good cultural fit.

Help Teams Communicate

Team-review builds collaboration and consensus among your recruiting team, and helps them better understand the preferences of hiring managers.