Expand LinkedIn Recruiter Capabilities with the Power of AI

Accelerate hiring with RecruitBot’s Chrome Plugin for LinkedIn. Optimize the way you source and engage candidates, and analyze your entire recruiting process without leaving the LinkedIn platform.

Contact the best candidates with confidence.

Get quick predictions of how well a candidate fits your role, understand if you’ve engaged with them via email or if they are in your ATS, from a single, easy to use interface.

Expand your candidate pool with ease.

Don’t limit yourself to candidate information provided by LinkedIn. With RecruitBot, you caneasily expand your pool and find the perfect fit for your team. Get email and phone contactinformation for any candidate you find on LinkedIn and streamline your recruiting process.

Leverage insights to boost candidate engagement

Maximize your response rates by leveraging built-in funnel and user analytics.

Stop wasting time scrolling through endless LinkedIn profiles.

If you’re unable to spot great candidates on LinkedIn, search RecruitBot’s 600M+ database using keywords, boolean searches, powerful filters (including DE&I) and get AI-based recommendations for unique candidates often not suggested by LinkedIn.

Hear From Our Customers

Chuck Brotman, Founder

“RecruitBot was a game changer for us. We were immediately able to engage more clients with way less time.”

Matthew Caldwell, CEO

“Because of the way RecruitBot thinks about matching and calibration, it helps us find people who are more likely to want.”

Durga Pandey, CEO

“We were seeing a lack of quality candidates. I knew that outbound was the answer, but we did outbound with LinkedIn and it was very slow and tedious.”

Meredith Herberg, Head of People and Culture

“I like that the AI is baked in. The search function gives me better results than LinkedIn, and it integrates with Lever so I don’t have to do any extra steps to add a candidate to our ATS.”

Nicholas Kakaris, Independent Recruiter

“I’m able to provide a better candidate experience with more touchpoints. Drip campaign response rates are better with RecruitBot, and there’s no need to set a reminder to do manual sends.

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