Announcing the Next Leap Forward In ATS Recruiting

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August 20, 2019

The next time you log in to RecruitBot, you’ll notice that things look a little different. Actually, they’ll look quite a bit different. That’s because over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to bring a whole slew of much-requested features and functionality to RecruitBot, and we’re excited to announce that everything is going live today. These features will allow you and your recruiting team to source, evaluate, and contact candidates—all from the same place.


This is a huge step forward for our company—one that represents our commitment to giving our customers the very best tools to do recruiting effectively. This update goes beyond small quality-of-life changes and UI tweaks (though we’ve done a lot on that front, too). In fact, we believe that our new product will have profound applications to the way recruiting teams and hiring managers do their jobs.


Let’s examine what that means below.




Your Own Personal Database of 800+ Million Candidates

For the longest time, RecruitBot focused solely on helping companies triage inbound candidates—applying your recruiter’s preferences instantly to each inbound resume you receive, and each resume in your ATS. It was an effective solution for larger companies that need to sort through tens of thousands of resumes in a short amount of time, but less helpful for smaller companies that don’t have that kind of volume.


So we needed to go bigger, and we have. In fact, we’ve partnered with several private data companies to build and maintain the largest collection of global candidate profiles in the world, allowing you to instantly apply your ideal candidate profile to all 800+ million candidates (more than 65 million in the US alone). You’ll still be able to triage inbound resumes, as well as scour your ATS for qualified candidates. But now your pool of candidates will be expanded by a factor of thousands, since you’ll be able to see all of the qualified candidates that conform to your search criteria from our own internal database. And of course, as always, RecruitBot will review and rank each candidate for you based on the likelihood that you’ll want to reach out to them.


Here’s how it works.


Let’s say you’re on a San Francisco-based recruiting team, and you’re looking for a software engineer with experience in Scala, Python, and MySQL. And let’s say too that you would like to hire someone who’s worked for Google, since you’ve had great experience with Google’s former engineers.


All you have to do is click the Search box…



…to open up our modal, and then fill out the appropriate fields to generate your search.



You’ll see up to 10,000 candidates from a single search, and of course each entry is prioritized by the likelihood you’ll want to reach out to that candidate, based on RecruitBot’s understanding of your own unique preferences.


Afterwards, you can proceed as you normally would. Click into each candidate, evaluate them, and then, as we’ll explain in our next post, reach out to the best candidates all at once with a customizable drip campaign interface.


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